MS Global Logistics Special Announcement

MS Global Logistics.Inc.  was established in 2011 in Montreal,  with 30 years’ experience of transportation and logistics. In order to provide its clients with additional logistics solutions, the company continuously does research and renovations studies in the logistics sector. There is no so much logistics company does research and development. We are trying to do always the firsts.

We as MS Global Logistics Inc. would like to start publishing our company details on web page even we don’t have to. Because of our strategy to have an effective relations with our clients, possible investors and finance companies, we have decided to share our most of informations via our web page. Since we are not a member of Stock Exchange yet, these informationw will be seen with a password which our Clienst, Investors and Finance companies can get from our company with sending an e-mail message to our Investors and Finance Relation Desk. The e-mail address is as follows;

As soon as you get your password you can use this password to reach all the necessary financial informations about our company.If you need any more details please contact to our Investor and Finance Relation Desk via e-mail.