Montreal Technology & Trade Center

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MTTC is a systems solution which provides warehousing with all logistics & business center needs for national and international SME’s in Montreal, Canada who want to do business in Canada and via Canada through USA. 

MTTC is collaborating with universities, National and International R&D Institutions to give opportunities to the entrepreneurs and young people who want to do research and developments.

Kick-starter for E-Commerce and Dropshipping

MTTC is giving opportunities to the students and young people to do e-commerce and dropshipping during their education with the facility of MTTC.

Collaboration with R&D Institutions

MTTC is collaborating with national and international R&D institutions, national and international institutions which can support SME’s and R&D Companies. In this way these institutions will save their sources and will be able to support more business and/or projects.

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

MTTC is a bridge between Universities and actual business life for the students who want to be an entrepreneur. Before real business life there will a place with all the needs for business to try & train for a while with lowest cost.


Collaboration with Finance Institutions

MTCC is collaborating with national and international finance institutions to make it easy for the members to reach finance instruments for their business and/or projects.

Internships, Part-Time or Full-Time Jobs for Students

MTTC is providing continuous temporary & permanent part time or full time jobs for national and international students. In this way they will be able to train while they study at universities.

R&D Environment

MTTC is a Technology Center which all Researcher and Developer can do R&D’s with lowest costs with the full equipments they need, and the most important in freedom.

Most popular packages

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account.

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$ 250
Per Month
  • 1m3/350Kg warehousing


$ 2,200
Per Month
  • 340 sqft + 20% common area warehousing
  • Shared Office + conference room + show room


$ 850
Per Month
  • Shared Office + conference room